Rhone, France

Santa Duc Les Grands Calaires Cotes du Rhone Blanc, 2015

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GAVI Rhone 시음회.

그르나슈의 무겁고 강한 터치를 다른 품종의 포도로 살짝 가볍게 만들고, 약간의 viognier가 향의 포인트를 준다. 

약간 창백한 레몬색.

라임, 레몬 향에 얹힌 사과, 파인애플을  느낄 수 있다.

도드라지는 산도와 미네랄리티가 주는 화사하고 활기한 느낌이 이 와인의 미덕이다.

시원한 목넘김을 느끼지만 여운은 길고, 온도가 높아지면서 견과류의 향도 스쳐 지나간다.

40% Grenache Blanc, 20% Clairette, 15% Ugni Blanc, 15% Bourboulenc, 5% Picpoul, 5% Viognier.



2018.7.3. GAVI

다음은 Clairette에 대한 설명.



Clairette is one of southern France’s oldest grape varieties, typical of the Mediterranean region. Its cylindrical/conical clusters are of medium size. The flesh of the grape is especially juicy. The vine is well adapted to dry, infertile limestone soils. Clairette can be vinified on its own or blended with other grape varieties. It needs to be pruned hard to get a good yield. The grapes produce a fruity wine, high in alcohol content and low in acidity. The finish is slightly bitter. As the wine maderises (oxidises) quickly, it is best drunk within the first year.


Wines made from this grape are characterised by flavours of fennel, apple, lime, apricot and peach.

출처: http://www.rhone-wines.com/en/cepage/clairette

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